A construction company is a business enterprise that is concerned with the construction of infrastructures like buildings, bridges, properties, facilities, housing, pavements, roads, expressways, and other construction projects.

A construction company operates in the fields of civil engineering and architecture and engages mainly in the provision of infrastructures for clients. As a business venture, it is responsible for building structures for commercial, public and private purposes.

Some construction projects might be small renovations or repair jobs and could be handled by anyone, including the owner of the structure. However, when more complex projects are required, the owner may commission a construction company to undertake detailed planning, design, construction and handover of the structure.

When the owner commissions a construction company for a construction project, it oversees the project by committing specialists with project expertise deliver to help define the project brief, prepare a budget and schedule, liaise with relevant public authorities, and procure the services of other specialists if need be.

Contracts are then signed and agreed upon for the delivery of the project, as well as other detailed plans that will ensure its legal, timely, on-budget and safe delivery.

The construction industry in the UK is one of the largest in the world. Annually it grosses millions of pounds and employs thousands directly and indirectly. Some construction companies in the UK are international brands.

As a multi-faceted industry, the construction industry offers vast and plentiful career opportunities to many. However, there are not always enough skilled professionals to carry out the numerous tasks and opportunities.

To encourage more people to join the construction industry, there are potential paths that career-minded people can take to their ambition of working in the construction industry without necessarily acquiring university degrees in civil engineering and architecture.

These potential paths include but are not limited to apprenticeships, workshops, skill acquisition centres, internships at construction companies and so on.

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