Apprenticeship In The Construction Industry

The construction industry offers vast and plentiful career opportunities to many. However, there are not always enough skilled professionals to carry out the numerous tasks, thereby leaving the industry with so many talent gaps to fill.

To encourage more people to join the construction industry, there are potential paths that career-minded people can take to their ambition of working in the construction industry without necessarily acquiring university degrees in civil engineering, architecture, surveying and so on.

Alternatively, certifications and apprenticeships are the more popular options for achieving the dream and passion of one day working in construction. Also, there are skilled jobs in the construction industry that do not require a college or university degree. This is where apprenticeship is needed.

Apprenticeship can start at the secondary school level. There are some skill acquisition centres in the UK established to teach the necessary knowledge for youths to get the certifications to enter into the construction industry. These programmes usually last between 1-4 years.

Also, there are some programmes organised by local businesses and unions. These programmes give aspiring professionals valuable experience, such as working with blueprints, visiting sites, honing their craft, and experiencing what goes into a construction job.

A construction professional that has entered the apprenticeship level can take this path to the management level of the industry. There are jobs in safety, human resources, procurement, and warehousing that an apprentice may want to pursue. Several project managers in charge of construction projects started as apprentices.

The career progression of a construction professional that is skilled and talented is at their discretion. They can choose their path to acquire the skills necessary to move to the next level. However, experience and talent are the most important things in the construction industry. It is left to talented professionals to forge their path.

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